The Silver Knights BC Are Based In Battlesbridge, Essex.

The Silver Knights Bike Club est. 1982

"To friends past, friends present, friends far away and friends we've yet to meet."

The Silver Knights Bike Club is based in South East Essex and meets every Wednesday evening (check out our Facebook Page for more deatails). The Club is affiliated to, and supports the BMF.


The story starts with three Marconi Apprentices, BEL, Mac and Stan standing around a coffee machine talking about Bikes and Bike Clubs. BEL was an original member of the Estuary MCC, but a motorcycle accident left him unable to walk and without a motor bike for several months. BEL was considering either re-joining them or the Hulbridge MCC, or "Smuggler's" as they were then known. Mac was considering the Black Hawks BC in Chelmsford and Stan the Iceni MCC from Colchester. As the subject continued over the following days, they decided to form there own Club central to the three of them.

So, in November 1982, at the Three Compasses in Haningfield, they turned up with a few friends, and The Silver Knights Bike Club was formed. It actually got its name about two weeks later during a hard night partying. The name was causing much debate, but as the evening wore on it was eventually agreed upon.

The first event where the The Silver Knights Bike Club name was used was the The Black Friars BC's "Mad Monk Rally" in February 1983, held at the Saling Oak in Gt. Saling, and the Club went on to do a further nine rallies that year.

1986 was a year of turmoil. The Club was forced to leave the Three Compasses, and then split into two factions. The main body of The Silver Knights Bike Club relocated to The Barge, where, apart from short stints at The Wheatsheaf in Haningfield and the Dome in Hullbridge, it has been based ever since.


In 2007 The Club celebrated its 25 Anniversary. Now days, The Silver Knights Bike Club is not just about owning a motorbike, it's the whole thing. The Shows, the Rallies, the Racing and the People. It's about "belonging" to something special. This Club has a certain pride about it knowing that it has weathered many storms, and stayed together to be become a remarkable group of friends that still enjoy riding, partying, drinking and being there for each other if needed.


Membership stands around two dozen full members, and many more associates and friends. Ages vary between 20 and 60 and we ride bikes of all shapes and sizes, varying from 125s, Tourers, Trail Bikes, Cruisers, Trikes, Sports and Adventure Sports. As a rule we try to organise at least one ride each month, but often find that a couple of phone calls on a Sunday morning will generate a ride for at least half a dozen members and friends.

The Silver Knights Bike Club has strong family values, and over the years has generated several children. This unofficial branch is called "The Juniors" and it is for the under 18s. The first of these are now looking at mopeds and motorcycles of their own, and hopefully this will lead to full membership to this great Club.


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